Skylar Lee – Hotel in a Hurry

Nashville artist, Skylar Lee, has just released her latest single Hotel In A Hurry. If you’re looking for a heartfelt and vulnerable inward looking gentle pop song, this one is for you.

Hotel In A Hurry tells the story of a girl who realises just a little too late that she had something good and now its gone. In the words of Joni Mitchell – “You don’t know what you got til its gone”. Hotel In A Hurry is a really heartfelt, laid-bare account of regret.

There’s some superb metaphors in this song. Skylar has clearly paid a great deal of attention to making sure she squeezes every last emotion out of both herself and her listeners. She will leave you raw and vulnerable, and yet wanting more. We particularly love the line; “Maybe I left something that i’ll need, and that’s my biggest worry cos leaving you feels like leaving the hotel in a hurry”. This conjures up so much in so few words and really is some quality lyric writing.

We’re trying to place Skylar’s vocals and connect our readers with some household names that we can liken her to. Perhaps a touch of Taylor Swift, perhaps a touch of Avril Lavigne, but there’s some far more gentle touches in Skylar’s voice that make her that little bit more unique.

The song starts gently on piano with some synths and sound effects, as we progress through this gentle ballad the vocals occasionally double up; giving Lee even more character in the vocal line. The vocals throughout are smooth and bright with some perfectly placed reverbs on them.

Hotel In A Hurry has a great middle 8 section with some really interesting reverbs and drum patterns. It feels as though everything is building to a huge great crescendo and then it all drops back to nothing. Piano and vocals take over, as at the beginning, but this time with the reverbs stripped right back. This results in so much extra intimacy and vulnerability in the song that you can’t help but empathise with the singer for the situation they find themselves in. This is really “heart on the sleeve” stuff and you feel as though you been on quite an emotional rollercoaster by the end of this 3 1/2 minute radio friendly ballad.

Hotel In A Hurry is a very well recorded, well mixed and well mastered track. If we had to make any production suggestions it would be to try just a tiny wide dip across the middle frequencies to balance everything out just a little more, but honestly, this really is a superior piece of work.

Skylar Lee is an artist on a mission to dispel female stereotypes in the music business and looks to inspire you to do whatever your mindset so desires. With quality lyrics and well performed, emotional delivery, we have no doubt that Skylar Lee is an artist who is taking her own advice. We expect to hear a great deal more from this talented songwriter.