Slooga – Music On My Mind

Relatively new Austrian band, Slooga, have released their latest single, Music On My Mind. It’s a storming Blues Traveller style Blues Rock genre song with superb lyrics that are instantly relatable to any musician with passion.

The rhythm guitar work is spot on, great tone and great playing. Same goes for the guitar solo – wowee! Someone had some Red Bull that morning! That was on fire!
The Blues Traveller reference is obviously from the distorted harmonica playing. Perfect for this genre and it seems to have been well researched to get just the right tone here.

I like the stereo drums (especially heard in the tom fills). The snare pokes through nicely. In fact, the track overall is nicely stereo with the important elements (vocal, kick, snare and bass) down the middle and other instruments across the spectrum. This sits well. Occasional backing vocals maintained my interest and fitted in well – not overpowering.

This is a well written and well performed song with great promise. Sadly, for me, it is the production that lets it down.

I can hear that the vocalist has a wonderful quality and interesting blues voice but the lack of compression, dryness and lack of brightness on the vocal track make them feel a little dull (as in muffled, not uninteresting).

I boosted the top few octaves of the track by several decibels to give it some life and in reality, the only instrument giving the track any top end is the snare. Once boosted, I could hear how well the high hats were played, and the sibilance in the vocals came through more clearly.
This is a really promising song that could have a real Black Crowes feel to it with some mastering adjustments. I’d love the opportunity to take a look at any future work from Slooga before it’s released with a view to mix/master and advice.

We give this track 3 ears out of 5