SLOW.FALL – The Way Is Clear

Andrew Galloway, under the guise of Slow Fall, has been working on some ambient, experimental music in his spare time and allowed us the pleasure of taking a listen.

He cites Vangelis as an influence and I can see why.

This is really unique stuff and nothing like anything that’s come across our desk before. I like the repeating motif on the keys and the addition of various synth sounds and keys to maintain interest in what is actually a pretty short track.

Andrew told us that he has “no idea” what he’s doing and that his music is created and produced from his one bedroom apartment in Seattle. Nonetheless this track shows that he’s clearly a creative guy. Perhaps making his first foray into producing music this is a promising start.

Overall, the track, an instrumental, sounds very midi. It feels as though each individual sound was chosen without a great deal of knowledge about how it might affect other sounds within the mix.

With some reverb (something like a huge cathedral reverb) this track would be less in your face and much more of a chill out piece of music.

There’s a significant amount of information in the lowest octave that almost every home speaker system simply isn’t capable of recreating. A high pass at around 45hz will tidy this up and give more headroom in the overall track and clarity in the bass, also enabling the overall composition to be raised in volume in the final master.

This is something you’d hear at a night club in the chill out room late in the evening/ early hours of the next day. This artist has potential.

We give this track 3 ears out of 5