snakedoctors – Too Many (Feat. Christine Corless)

Polish band, Snakedoctors, have teamed up with US vocalist, Christine Corless, on their latest single. We’ve been taking a listen to “Too Many” here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Too Many is a very dark sounding, almost grunge-like, rock song that speaks of dealing with the difficulties in life as they arise.

With a hypnotic beat, we found ourselves nodding along to the punishing electric guitars with long held notes on keys to help fill out the sound in places.

With male vocals sounding a little like Tom Waits or perhaps Leonard Cohen, this is a very dark feeling song. The addition of female vocals brings the song into a slightly lighter realm. The female vocals reminded us, in just a couple of places, of Kim Wilde.

When the two voices sing together, the song really comes to life, and it feels to us as though this would be a band to see and hear live. With a long guitar solo towards the end of the track with some interesting note choices and tones, we feel that this band are at their best and their happiest on stage.

Standing at around 5 minutes long, this may be picked up by Polish radio and perhaps some genre specific stations, but commercial stations, especially in North America, tend to be a little more fussy about lengths of songs. We feel that this particular track’s best shot for recognition would be to find a placement within a TV show. Too Many is a very dark and emotional song which would work perfectly in a montage in an emotional scene for a TV show, or the background music in a bar scene, for example.

From a production perspective, we’d suggest a dip out around 500Hz to counter just a touch of boxiness in the track, as well as a boost centred around 5kHz to add some extra presence and definition.

Snakedoctors are clearly an ambitious band, with considerable airplay in their home country. They are starting to receive air play across the globe and we’re excited for them. Formed only in 2020, their dedication to producing new music consistently means that they are already working on their fourth album.