Son of Lazarus – Blood of My Blood

Son of Lazarus, the stage name of Kenneth Pichardo, from Hershey, USA, has just released a new single, Blood Of My Blood. We’ve been taking a long hard listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today and what a find we have for you!

We were a little fooled when we first saw the name and title of this song. It sounded like we were in for a heavy metal ride. Quite the opposite. This is one of the more gentle tracks we’ve had in our ears this week. Positively mellow and calming. Blood of My Blood is about a time in Pichardo’s life where he felt free to give himself over and, in his words had “unlocked his inner kingdom”.

Blood Of My Blood starts gently on beautiful and gentle panned piano. A guitar fades in slowly playing a repeated riff. Classical guitar mixed with gentle piano is always a favourite of ours so we were off to a great start here.

When the vocals come in they are gentle and fragile and incredibly intimate. You can hear all the emotions coming through in his voice and there’s some real passion and vulnerability to be heard.

The harmony vocals that come in at around 1m15s are very well done and sit well in the mix. They bolster the lead vocal perfectly and as more vocals are added, you find yourself feeling a little euphoric.
Bass guitar comes in around the same time as the harmony vocals and fills out the low end with the most exciting, emotion-provoking thunder.

We like how the guitar stays the same, but various other sounds, additional vocals and percussion fade in and out to help maintain interest in the song. The repeated guitar is so effective here and makes you feel comfortable in the song.
At around 2m25 some low passed drums are added into the mix. They’re so subtle. Everything about this track is subtle and every single tracked instrument is given the space it needs to breathe. No frequencies are clashing and everything sits comfortably.

We are impressed at the attention paid to the mix of Blood of My Blood. Although the classical guitar riff remains the same throughout, the panning of it changes depending on what section of the song we’re in, so it really helps to keep the listener enthralled.

This is an exceptionally well produced song. In fact, our only thought was to notch out the guitar track just slightly at 196Hz (G). There’s a slightly dominating frequency there that could do with a little attention in our opinion. Other than that, we have no suggestions. This is superb!

Son of Lazarus has produced a beautiful and calm cinematic and euphoric song that feels timeless. We are so excited to see what this relatively new artist will produce next and we urge our readers to go take a listen.