Songs for Sabotage have released a great new indie pop/dream pop rock track entitled Rumours.

This is one of those from-the-heart songs that should remind people not to upset songwriters! There are times at the end of a friendship that some intriguing, almost narcissistic traits appear in one of the parties and rather than be grown ups, they chose to make some spectacular sh*t up about their former friend. If you’ve ever been in this situation (and lets face it – who hasn’t), Rumours is for you.

The song starts in a unique style with an almost acapella version of just the chorus with some lovely clear vocals with interesting effects on. When the song develops into the first verse more instrumentation is added – very much in the kind of 90s rock/ pop style that Christina Aguilera mastered.
There’s some great rise and fall in this track. I love how instruments come and go, as do some great stereo backing vocals. Everything is expertly balanced to maintain interest right through to the end of this very radio-friendly track.

The chorus is catchy as hell! I’ll be singing this for DAYS. With witty lyricism and a not-so-gentle poke at the former friend’s behaviour this is a fantastic therapy song!

I don’t know if it was deliberate but there’s a real gap in the frequency spectrum centred around 400Hz. This leads to what is otherwise a fantastic track sounding a little thin and hollow – almost brittle. Its really missing some fullness and warmth. To fix this, (indeed if it wasn’t intentional) I’d consider adding some more instrumentation in the low mids – a quick fix would be a to try a wide boost at around 400 and see how you feel about the track.

Rumours is simply an expertly performed, well written, catchy song that we here at Send Me Your Ears found absolutely delightful. We hope your former friend, and many more hears this on the radio!

We give this song four ears out of five