It’s been a real pleasure to have the rocky sounds of Sons Of Luther in our ears here at the Send Me Your Ears studio again today. They’re back with a cracking new single, Not To Worry, and we love it!

From Sons Of Luther we have come to expect real quality rock music with a message, and Not To Worry certainly doesn’t disappoint on both counts here. Not To Worry is a song about finding your own self worth. The abundance of self-reflection songs that have come out of the pandemic is overwhelming, but Not To Worry easily manages to stand head and shoulders amongst so much new music. We absolutely love this.

The song starts with a catchy electric guitar riff that becomes a repeated motif throughout the song. Incidentally, if you’re watching the YouTube video, it comes in at about 4m20s with a little intro and outtro to tell the story of well known scam artist, Stanley Donahue. The actual song itself sits at a very commercially friendly (just under) 3 minutes.

The occasional harmonies in the verses and the choruses of layered vocals make this a very thick and full song. We love the change up of the almost disco feeling drumbeat in the choruses. The 16 beat tambourine coming in to maintain interest in that all important second verse is a stroke of genius too.

Whilst we’re on the subject of drums, the drummer in Sons of Luther is a very key part of the composition. The play is creative, interesting, unique and in places, some very super-speedy fills impressed the hell out of us! This is a track for drumming enthusiasts!

With a stinger ending (which isn’t actually the ending of the YouTube video – you’re treated to just a little more awesomeness), Not To Worry checks all the boxes for us to be a very successful, highly commercial track.

From a production perspective, this was a joy to listen to. To our ears we might suggest a wide boost centred around 700-800Hz to add some more fullness and “meat” in that area. A thinner boost around 200Hz will add some warmth and punch , and a larger shelf boost of just the top octave will help add just a little more zing to the drums and vocals.

Not To Worry is an absolutely superb track that grips you from the very first note to the last. This is quality music from quality musicians and honestly, we are very much rooting for these guys to succeed in a big way.