SONS OF LUTHER – The Wrong Way

Sons of Luther have just released their latest single, The Wrong Way. For fans of 90s alt rock and grunge, this is for you! The song has a great Alice In Chains feel to it.

Lyrically, this song intrigued me. A message to the listener that its OK to be wrong, and to admit that you’re wrong. The band seem to be on a mission to bridge cultural divides and I like that. Its a very much needed topic of discussion right now and Sons of Luther hit the nail on the head.

This three piece alt-rock band from Buffalo, NY are tight. The guitar, bass and drums meld together extremely well and provide a solid foundation for vocals.

I bet Sons of Luther are fantastic to see live. The video for this song shows the band clearly giving their absolute everything to the performance. I’m really drawn into power in the drummers performance. I couldn’t take my eyes off him whenever he was on the screen. This guy is most definitely playing like there’s no tomorrow.

Photo credits: Adam Burnett

This is a nicely commercial length, simple alt rock song with a stinger ending (great for TV sync deals if that’s what you’re after, guys). I can imagine this doing well on 90s rock style radio – perhaps US college radio.

For me, the one thing that lets the song down a little is the mix on the vocals. The subject matter is so important that I’m disappointed to be struggling to make them out in places. They feel a little muffled and therefore feel distant and lack any kind of character, which is a shame, because it’s evident when I can hear him clearly that he’s a superb singer.
The instrumental track has been well mixed and sits nicely together but the vocals could do with quite a hefty boost in the top end to give them some more edge.

A promising track from Sons of Luther. I like their message and their ethos. They seem to have their heads screwed on just right and are superb musicians. I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

We give this track 3 ears out of 5 for the mix/ master but 4.5 for the songwriting and musicianship here.