Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Nevada’s, Split Personality. Do It Again came out on February 17 2023.

We were thrilled to see Split Persona in our reviews pile again today. We previously reviewed their outstanding 90s-influenced rock song, I Need More, and we’re so glad to see that they’ve answered our hopes and created the “more” that we’ve been waiting for!

After touring all of last year grinding through their local Reno music scene and clearing ground in other major US cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, they took the rest of 2022 after their tragic van accident in LA to record new music. Do It Again is their first single of 2023, and if this is a taste of what’s to come, then hang on to your hats!

Do It Again starts with some funky electric guitar riffs with flanger and leads into a huge build with snare and bass, a complete stop and then a blast of 90s rock instrumental.

When the vocals come in, they have that perfect grungey tone. There are places where the vocalist reminded us of Ben Folds but with just a touch more attitude and gravel. The layered vocals with effects are a superb touch in several places and fill out the sound perfectly.

We noted that Split Persona made great differentiation between song sections in I Need More, and they’ve done it again here…ironically with Do It Again! The use of stops and snare builds creates some of the most exciting and inventive dynamic soundscapes that we’ve heard in a while.

There are a couple of superb half-time sections where we all found ourselves slow-nodding and a four-on-the-floor instrumental section gives the band a chance to demonstrate their superior musicianship.

A highly technically proficient guitar solo leads into a stops vocal section and a stinger ending leaves you desperate to hit replay.

Ideas from our ears

A hi-pass filter at 40Hz would remove all the inaudible sub-bass rumble allowing for more headroom and making the low end a little clearer. A couple of cuts in the vocal tracks around 600Hz and 900Hz would reduce some occasional ‘honky’ and ‘nasal’ tones. A high shelf boost in the top octave with some single-band compression and a little make-up gain would add a touch of extra brightness and presence too. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Do It Again is another superb offering from this talented Nevada-based band and we can’t wait to hear what Split Persona create next.