Split Persona – I Need More

Woah! If you’re looking for some precision playing on a 90s guitar heavy track, you need to drop everything and listen to Split Persona’s latest single, I Need More.

This song grabs you by the balls right from the word go and keeps the listener interested for the full 3 minutes and 15 seconds of rock radio ready awesomeness.

Powerful and confident driven electric guitars start the track and the drums and full band quickly join in after a couple of dynamic riffs.

The lead vocalist reminded us several times of Mike Patton from Faith No More, and his power and energy are spot on for this track. The layered vocals and harmonies that come in during the choruses serve to bolster the lead vocals and are well placed in the track. They fill out the sound well, and help to make the choruses even more memorable.

There’s some superbly done progression and development in I Need More, and with some classy separation between verses, prechorus, chorus and solo with differing stabbing versus driving guitar to indicate to the listener where they are in the song.

I Need More also has some great effects and a whole lot happening. There’s a fantastic build into the solo at about 2m30s.

The drumming is tight as all hell. Fantastic work, reminding us a great deal of the great Vinnie Paul (Pantera), especially around 2m 22s.

We all particularly liked the percussive guitar sections that just sit unobtrusively in the background but definitely filled out the sound and made the track feel super-funky!

I Need More has been superbly produced. Although heavily compressed and pressed up to the limiter throughout, that simply means it is punchy and powerful throughout. Our only thought would be a tiny notch out around 190Hz to counter the very slight dominance of the snare tuning in the track.

Split Persona are new to us but we expect to hear a great deal more from them. This is quality musicianship, fantastic writing and a great performance from a band who are very clearly ambitious. They have management and label backing already and now we’d like to see their socials soar, together with some great air play placement to come more into line with the level of musicianship we’re hearing here.

I Need More is a powerful 90s feeling rock song that comes out guns ablazing and doesn’t let up for a second. Split Persona are a high energy, dynamic four piece that we’d love to hear more from as soon as possible!