Spyderhuff – Angry Flames – Wrath

Spyderhuff released their much anticipated new single today. Angry Flames (Wrath) is one of the most exciting blues rock tracks we’ve heard in a long time.

Its not often that Blues Rock songs keep the listener on their toes. We love blues rock, but you know what you’re going to get pretty soon after you start listening. Spyderhuff, however, kept us on our toes for the entire song. We kept looking at each other and asking “where is this going next?”

There are elements of so many different genres and styles in this song, but it absolutely works. We’re really very excited to hear blues rock being taken in such a new and unique direction.
The song starts on just bass guitar and then comes in with what we can only describe as something that almost sounds like chanting from a monastery. – Stay with us – its well worth the ride.
The main part of the song seems to start after about 20 seconds or so with some just glorious conga playing. The guitar riffs in this section set us in mind of Tommy Castro – really clear and simple riffs with a nice tone.

The low end of Angry Flames (Wrath) is really clear and mixed very well – another plus – and another thing which is often missing from your run of the mill blues rock.
The kick drum is coming through nice and clear and the full drum kit complements the congas with ease.
There’s a little breakdown in the middle that’s mostly just vocals with some lovely haunting echoes on them and then into a real Stevie Ray Vaughan style guitar solo.

A nice touch with some (female?) gospel vocals at the end left us hitting replay straight away. Angry Flames is just so intriguing and well considered. Its almost as if someone handed Spyderhuff the rule book about how to play rock blues and they just ripped it up and laughed. Spyderhuff have taken all the best elements of rock blues and combined them with several other genres to make a song that really stands head and shoulders above the rest.

For production, we suggest a small dip in the 6-700Hz area to balance out some frequencies in the vocal track and a shaelf boost around 8kHz to bring out some extra brightness and air – especially in those sizzling well recorded and well played drums. Overall a very well mixed and mastered song.

Spyderhuff are most definitely an act that we’ll be keeping an eye out for. They are US based, but with members across the country, they’ve clearly made the effort to pick the cream of the crop and it shows.