STAND-IN – Marquee

STAND-IN (aka Anthony Westlake) has just released a short and sweet new track, Marquee. This has some profound lyrics that tell the tale of lost friendship and how the entertainment industry can change people. A harsh but true reality.

There’s some great use of panning in the guitars at the start of the song. Other instruments drift in and out to back up the song which is essentially vocally driven.

The vocals are very current sounding. They’re well pronounced, with good shaping and use a technique that works well for rapping as well as this style of vocals.

There’s some lovely stereo synth on this track that swirls in and out and helps to carry the heavy bass and drum tracks.
The different instruments that come in and out throughout the track; the guitars, the various synths, etc help to maintain interest.

Stand-In, according to his biography, was (is) a professional dancer who it looks to have been extremely successful, working with some big names. I can see why he’s disillusioned with the industry and why he’s written this track.

To some, it appears such an amazing lifestyle. On the inside; its lonely. This song really attests to that lyrically, and the style of music, and strut that it has kinda makes you want to shuffle around and dance.

Photo credits: Samuel Balatbat

This is a really experimental track. There’s some static in places that makes it sound like you’re playing a vinyl record (I assume this is intentional). The last 30 seconds or so go off in a totally different direction to the rest of the song and then suddenly, after only 2m16s its all over.

This song really leaves you wondering, and I think perhaps that’s what the writer intended. Wondering whatever happened to the girl?

This track could really do with a heavy compressor to balance out the vast difference in volume towards the end of the track. It shocked us and made us wonder if someone had accidentally sat on the volume control!
A big boost right across middle frequencies will give the track more thickness and “meat”. I think tthis is especially needed in the low mids which will give more warmth to the overall track.

An interesting, experimental track which makes sense to have been written by a dancer and one which makes us intrigued to hear what Stand-In will do next!

We give this track 3 ears out of 5

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