Star AV – Loneliness

Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio, we have been listening to Australia’s, Star AV today. Their latest single, Loneliness, came out yesterday (18 November 2022).

Loneliness is a song about chronic loneliness. Star AV describes himself as someone who isn’t necessarily lonely but prefers to be alone. Within his lyrics, he discusses themes of feeling unheard and unappreciated which leads to feelings of intense loneliness.

The song has an ominous, foreboding beginning. With long droning notes on several instruments and some industrial metal-sounding drums and cavernous kick drum, you can’t help but feel that this is a song that has been created during a difficult time in the songwriter’s life.

The vocals in Loneliness are layered in places, with some beautiful harmonies that fill your ears with emotion. We love the use of long synth notes, making this feel like a chillout track or perhaps a study vibes song. This has a touch of art rock to it, with the vocals sounding a touch synth-like and electronic. They fit well with these effects. The low vocal notes are particularly impressive from about 1m 30s in. There’s no loss of strength in the voice, and they show some great techniques here.

After the breakdown where the drums drop out a little, they return with a totally different beat – almost jungle-like and with much more energy. This most definitely helped maintain our interest and retained it until the stinger ending.

Even though it is just 2 and a half minutes long, this is a track in which you can truly get lost. The long synth notes and the vocals give the song a sense of calm, whilst the drum beat demands your attention. Perhaps a song for a late-night club or study session. We’d suggest that this may be a good song to pitch for attention from a music supervisor for a sync deal in a TV show. We can just picture this making a really good background song for numerous possible scenes.

From a production perspective, we’d suggest a wide boost across the high mids and highs centred around 8kHz would bring out some of the brighter aspects of the percussion and synths. However this being a track with a definite dark feeling, the slightly less clear tones in the top end are probably more appropriate and fit better with the theme of the song.

Star AV’s latest single, Loneliness is a mournful soundscape of art rock, shoegaze synth-led sounds that will fill your ears and your heart and have you hitting replay immediately just to get a little more chilled out. Great stuff.