Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Steve Pointmeier. We’ve reviewed several of Steve’s tracks in the past and are always impressed at his ability to make us smile and to inject humour into his songs.
His latest track, Cheatin’ on Beer, is no exception to that wit and wisdom. A cheeky little number about a man who feels as though he is cheating on beer with a woman who is influencing him to drink wine more. It is the comfortable Country style that we’ve come to know and love from Steve. There’s something about his lyrics that always pops. Here, for example, you are treated to lines such as, “I still love a cold one, but I’m gonna keep on cheatin’ on beer.’ Or the equally delightful, “I love these secret little rendezvous, but the guilt is finally gettin’ to me.” Our favourite; “pulling corks instead of popping tops.”
For a man based in Calgary, this is a perfect Alberta song which would sit just as happily in the Southern States. A song which, despite its simplicity and predictability in chord progressions, utterly deserves the attention of commercial Country radio.

We love the incidental slide guitar, the delicate Hammond touch and the acoustic guitar which is bright and percussive. Everything about this track is authentic country. The all-important second verse adds in some extra vocals to maintain interest, and there’s a clever use of volume changes for the chorus, where an extra couple of decibels are added to the overall volume to make the chorus really pop and stand out. This song will have you humming for days, and smiling to yourself at the humour. We also like the low-tuned snare which gives the whole song a great country/rock punch.

Easily appealing to Country fans, both old and new, Cheatin’ on Beer is your classic Country love song with Pointmeier’s usual ability to twist things around and keep it interesting.

Classy playing and clever lyrics are a real theme in Pointmeier’s work, and this track is a further demonstration of his ability to write, score and record the perfect country song. A definite must-listen for classic country fans everywhere.