We were absolutely thrilled to have the warm country tones of Steve Pointmeier in our ears again today. We reviewed one of his tracks, Sway, earlier in the year and now he’s back with a new song called ‘Even in a Bar’. We here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have enjoyed several listens today.

Even In A Bar comes straight in with a full band sound and some bright poppy/country drums. We love how the side stick is used for the first verse, returning to the full snare for the second. This is a classic country trick, and makes the song feel truly authentic right from the start.

We thoroughly enjoyed the use of authentic instrumentation throughout this track. The organ swells and riffs in the background are inspired and extremely well done.

The guitar solo, in classic country style again, switches between two sounds half way through the solo, switching to a pedal steel to bring in even more twang!

Lyrically, this is another clever song from Pointmeier. In typical country style, this is a song about a woman who’s been cheated on, who gets her revenge in a bar. Hence get “Even In A Bar”. We particularly liked the lyric “in a bar full of fools on stools”.

Even In A Bar has all the classic modern country arrangements you would expect. The rise into the chorus, together with some subtle and well used harmonies. We loved the toms work towards the end of each chorus.

Whilst this song uses a typical country chord progression, there’s no point at which we, as listeners, felt anything other than completely engaged by this track. The lyrics are superb and witty and the musicianship is first rate.

Pointmeier’s voice is the perfect voice for country music. With just the right amount of twang and fragility, together with a little smile in the tone, this is a voice that deserves a huge audience.

This is a wonderfully produced track that hits the ears smoothly and comfortably. This is a song that deserves to be on a playlist alongside big names like Kevin Fowler, for example. The combination of wit in the lyrics and classy musicianship are exactly what makes a modern country song like this so appealing.

Most definitely a track worthy of commercial air play across North American country music stations, we firmly believe that Steve Pointmeier is a star in the making.