Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from one of our favourites from Canada, Steve Pointmeier. Love Don’t Let Me Down is Steve’s latest release, and this talented Calgary songwriter has managed to create yet another radio-ready Country track to delight his existing fans and undoubtedly find him many new ones too!

Steve Pointmeier has continued to impress us with his witty lyrics, superb production and his ability to tell a great story (as all good Country songs should!) Love Don’t Let Me Down is a love song, and Steve tells us that he has recently found love and is getting married soon. Congratulations! Love Don’t Let Me Down has a positive outlook on the future, and we couldn’t be more delighted to hear this hugely talented artist in our ears again.

Love Don’t Let Me Down has a powerful, attention-grabbing intro that screams pure quality right from the very first note. We just love the use of expertly-played banjo in this track. The rhythm of the guitar has a Mumford and Sons feel to it and the drums chug along with a train-track feel – just perfect for an upbeat Country song.

Pointemeier’s vocals are warm and twangy and it feels as though he was born to sing country songs. The layered vocal harmonies that join as the song develops sit perfectly under his vocal, making it stand out and soar above the song. The lead vocal is crystal clear and every lyric is easy to hear.

The catchy singalong/dance-along chorus is a real stand-out feature of this track, and we can clearly see the hit potential here. The harmony vocals, added tambourine and incidental guitars all make for a perfect memorable chorus for listeners to get their teeth into.

That all-important second verse is delivered masterfully, with a change-up in the drum beat, some additional vocals and glorious incidental guitar parts. The whole song has plenty of subtle instrumentation, all adding to a huge sound that is easy to listen to.

We love the breakdown with the four-on-the-floor drums and gorgeous build back into that catchy chorus (are you singing along yet?!) This is modern country at its absolute finest.

Ideas from our ears

The production on this track is spot on. There is a clear balance of instruments and frequencies. A small cut in the 450-750Hz range in the vocal track could reduce the occasional ‘honky’ tone but overall a great piece of music! As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Steve Pointmeier’s latest single, Love Don’t Let Me Down, is a country music fan’s dream. Everything about this track is just spot on. Go listen to it now!