Tacoma (US) artists, Strangely Alright, have just released their latest single, Life In 3. We here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have just been taking several listens to this superbly crafted classic rock piece of nostalgia.

Life In 3 is about being lost in whatever way we get lost in, and the hope to find the life that we deserve. It is 5 minutes and 45 seconds of pure quality. It’s not often that we are treated to music of this quality, and it’s not often that we are given a track this long for review that grips us from the very first note to the very last.

Life In 3 is a warm 6/8 track that has clear Pink Floyd influences. We all found ourselves swaying along to the music. Life In 3 has a huge sound. It is epic sounding from the very first note.

There’s a gorgeous falsetto vocal harmony that begins the song, but which becomes a repeated theme throughout the track. The incidental guitar between these vocal sections is expertly placed and adds no end to the psychedelic and cinematic feel of the track. A very authentically placed hammond helps to fill the sound too.

We like how the track drops down for the lead vocal line. The vocals feels slightly overdriven and fuzzy which helps them to cut through in the track. Reminding us at times of Holly Johnson, this is a warm and present vocal with just the right amount of reverb on to make this track sound like a truly authentic piece of nostalgia. There’s other times where the vibrato on the lead vocals reminded us of Fish’s vocals – especially his solo work.

The drums in Life In 3 are present and clear. There is excellent separation between the kick and bass guitar. Both instruments are present, but neither is dominating.

We absolutely love the guitar tone and exciting choice of notes in the solo. Strangely Alright are an extremely well oiled machine that we’d dearly love the opportunity to see perform live.

It’s rare for us to listen to a track that is so expertly performed and produced. We have no production suggestions at all for this track, and for those of us who regularly read our reviews, this will come as enough of a surprise to urge you to add this track to your spotify playlist.

Strangely Alright was a new artist to us today but, without doubt, one that we will be actively seeking out for future releases. This track is a stunning work of art that our whole team thoroughly enjoyed.