Tacoma (US) based band, Strangely Alright, are in our ears again today with their latest single, Not The End. This sublimely talented act recently released “Life In 3” which we absolutely loved so we were hugely excited to see them reach the top of the reviews pile here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Not The End does not disappoint. This is a stunning track which has all the elements of bands that we’ve loved for decades, whilst also providing a fresh new and individual take on alt/classic rock.

Not The End starts with a catchy electric guitar riff that quickly builds into a full sound with clear instrumentation, powerful drums and a nice touch of hammond.

Not The End develops well and with an exciting build in the pre-chorus we were already hooked. A catchy chorus makes us all sit back and nod our heads in approval. Strangely Alright are fast becoming one of our favourites here!

There’s lots happening at any given moment in the track and with just a touch of drive on the vocals, this is a truly magnificent song that we’ll have in our heads all day. Did we mention we rather like it?!!

Superb separation of sections in this track help to keep the listener utterly enthralled for several listens. We love the addition of some piano stabs in that all important second verse. The drop in intensity for a brief break down in the middle of the song works well as it builds and builds and builds in a positively euphoric and anthemic way until we’re all on the edge of our seats as the guitar comes in for a superb solo that maintains the intensity.

The bass keeps the song held together nicely, and we liked the occasional disco beat that sneaks in. Sounding in places a little INXS, perhaps U2 and just a touch of Black Crowes this is a track that is an instant hit.

The double chorus to the end with panned extra vocals helps keep the excitement and the repeated vocal line works well here. Ending on the line “this is not the….” is a stroke of lyrical genius leaving the listener wanting more.

The production is as outstanding on this track as it has been on previous releases. Every instrument has its space and its significance in the track can clearly be heard without dominating at any point. If we had to comment on anything, we heard a slight peaking frequency at 500Hz which could be notched out. Also, maybe a boost centred around 2kHz for some ‘edge’ to the guitar track. Maybe a top octave shelf boost too? Maybe some light compression and a couple of dB of make up gain for some extra thump, warmth and overall volume too? These are tiny adjustments if at all. Definitely a reference track for other producers!

Once we’ve finished writing this review we will be heading over to Spotify to check out more of this creative outfit. Strangely Alright have swept to the top of the Send Me Your Ears team’s favourites list.