Strumbrush – Still Motion

Atlanta based Strumbrush have just released their latest single, Still Motion, and we’ve been taking a detailed listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.
Still Motion starts with a lovely close hi-hat intro and a riff on electric guitar which will carry throughout the song.

The guitar and bass gel well together and develop fresh and contrasting rhythms to add to the overall interest of the song.

Layered vocals and vocal harmonies are present throughout Still Motion and great attention has been paid to make sure that the harmonies don’t dominate the track and merely serve to bolster the lead and add interest.

There’s some great definition between the verses and choruses moved on by simple but effective drum fills and raising of the hi-hat.

Still Motion is a well constructed song with some interesting lyrics. We particularly like the line “hindsight wasn’t meant to last”. Somehow it just spoke to us.

Towards the end of Still Motion there’s a really interesting and experimental solo section with a rather quirky choice of notes and chords, together with what sounds like some distant spoken word and an opportunity for the bassist to shine with a great melodic solo section. We have to give particular kudos to the bass throughout this song – it’s superbly played with a great note selection.

If you were in any doubt as to whether Still Motion is an experimental track, the ending will convince you! You think you’re in the midst of a chorus section but then suddenly it stops and there some peculiar but cool swooshing futuristic sounds!

From our perspective on production, we feel that the track is lacking a little in stereo. We’d suggest Strumbrush look at a little more panning on future recordings to ensure that any AM radio airplay isn’t affected by a slightly mono sounding track. We also suggest a wide shelf boost of the top 3 octaves to add some brightness into the track, together with a boost in the bass and low mid to give some more warmth and bring out that awesome bass playing a little more. A small but wide cut around 700Hz will alleviate just a little boxy/honkiness in the overall track – possibly caused by the way the vocals have been recorded.

Still Motion by Strumbrush is an experimental alt/garage rock track which melds together many genre influences from each individual band member to ensure a very individual and instantly recognisable sound. We look forward to hearing more!