Superflip – Zurück Zuhaus

If you’re a fan of 90s funk style music then Superflip’s new single, Zurück Zuhaus, is for you!
This is a really unique, genre crossing song that gripped our attention from start to finish.
Zurück Zuhaus has a real Jamiroquai feel to it in places, especially the vocals. There are moments when the instrumentation reminded me very much of Stevie Wonder and the expertly performed rap section in the middle made me think of Falco’s Rock Me Amadeus.
The rise and fall in this track is superb, as is the separation between sections. Different sections have added vocals, extra instrumentation, especially keys and a fill on the drums to let you know something’s about to change.
The rap section in the middle really attracted me to this song. Rap is usually not my thing, but there’s something about the way this section is delivered that makes it feel like it just sits really well in the track. Although a spectacular diversion from the rest of the song, it sits perfectly and you don’t even realise that genres are being crossed and magic is happening.
I like the section with the wood block and just vocals that builds and builds.

Credit: Nicola Troehler

Despite not being in my first language, I still managed to find the song really very catchy indeed. With German as my second language, I picked up a few bits here and there but to me this simply didn’t matter. This is a piece of music that transcends language.
From my own production stance, I would give a boost around 100 to add a little more punch to the bass guitar and bring in line with the kick. I think that would make the all important low end of the track even more funky!
A boost in the top 3 octaves will give a little more life to the overall mix, but be careful to notch out a little dip around 5kHz to avoid boosting the sibilance in the vocals.
I love this song. It really is a wonderful genre crossing number that ticks all the boxes for me. A really well constructed and unique song.
We give this song four ears out of five