Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Superswell. Dutch Courage is released today, 24 February 2023 and fans of Nirvana need to hear this!

We previously reviewed Superswell’s debut single, I Don’t Believe It’s True, and were thoroughly impressed at the musicianship and writing of this track. It was truly exciting to hear such an impressive and authentic channelling of 90s grunge, so we were thrilled to see this latest single in our reviews pile this morning.

Dutch Courage is a satirical ode to booze. Despite its heavy message about using alcohol to cope with social anxiety, the song evokes nostalgia for crowded college dorm parties.

Dutch Courage begins with a sublime display of musicianship. A tight instrumental section with perfectly executed, fast semi-quaver riffs with all instruments following the melody. It is a spectacularly technical introduction that highlights the quality musicianship of this band. Lending itself to be considered as prog or math rock, it is a glimpse of the quality to come from this band, and we are very excited about their future.

As the instrumental section ends, the lead vocals come in and you cannot help but draw comparisons to Kurt Cobain here. The gravel, the passion and the angst all feel as though the singer has studied Kurt’s vocal techniques extensively, and whilst drawing comparisons, the song still feels unique and fresh.

Dutch Courage is a perfect example of grunge. You could be fooled into thinking that you’re in 1993. The song is absolutely at home amongst the greats of this genre and would sit comfortably on a playlist with Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots or Alice in Chains.

The layered vocals in places are a great touch and bolster the lead perfectly, creating some exciting harmonies and plenty to keep the listener thoroughly engaged for many listens. This track is an earworm waiting to happen!

The guitar solo is well executed and again, seems to be channelling Cobain, using some gorgeous bends and ending on a slightly unexpected last note, leading to a full stop and a blast back in of the full band.

With a stinger ending and sitting at just 2 and a half minutes long, this song has all the elements needed to make this a commercial radio-friendly hit. We’d urge the band to be seeking out as much airplay as possible for this track, ranging from college stations across the U.S. to internet stations focussed on rock and grunge to commercial radio – at the very least in their own area, if not across the country.

Ideas from our ears

A tiny cut around 3kHz might calm some slightly harsh guitar tones and a top octave boost for some extra brightness. Sone single-band compression on the top 2 octaves could enhance the clarity too. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears

Final thoughts

Their debut single caught our attention and this sophomore single has us hooked. Superswell are a quality act set to become a household name.