Edinburgh (Scotland) based artist, Susy K, has today released her latest single, Keep On Going, from her forthcoming EP,’Hear It From Her’, which is due for release in 2023. We here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have been fortunate to be allowed a pre-listen and we’re here today to strongly recommend you add this track to your playlist!

Keep On Going is a smooth and soulful acid jazz/ contemporary soul track that is sure to delight fans Stevie Wonder and Mica Paris.

Keep On Going starts with some crowd noise, making you feel like perhaps you’re in a smoky bar, getting ready to listen to the evening’s performer. A beautiful and very Stevie Wonder feeling vibraphone leads the way before the drums join the mix.

There’s lots of instrumentation happening in the background in this track. The drums are strong and powerful and lead the way, but we also liked just the occasional touch of horns to add some authenticity to the mix.

The main focus of this track for us, and indeed for any listener is Susy K’s warm and soulful vocals. This is an artist with a fantastic range and a smooth as caramel voice. Susy K mentions in her biography that she coaches vocals and it is very clear that she takes her own advice. Her voice is positively endearing, up-close and personal. She is clearly supremely confident in her vocal ability.

There’s some fantastic A cappella moments where a whole chorus of beautifully stereo backing vocals come in. The warm and breathy vocal breakdown near the end is an absolute joy to listen to.

Susy K keeps things under wraps with her warm and smooth vocals for the most part of the song, but towards the end, she displays a superbly dynamic range with some vocal gymnastics worthy of comparisons to Joss Stone or Christina Aguilera. This truly is a powerful performance.

To our ears, Keep On Going could use a bit of balancing in the low end. Firstly, a hi-pass filter at 35-40Hz to remove all the low rumble in the sub-bass area and make the kick and bass a bit clearer. We felt that the kick is a little heavy around 55Hz so a careful cut here will help it sit better with the bass. The bass could use a wider cut centred around 100Hz. In our opinion, these tiny adjustments will help balance the track out a little. As always, these are just some ideas. The song doesn’t ‘need’ anything in order to be a great production and a really pleasant listen.

If you’re looking for contemporary soul done exceptionally well, then you won’t be disappointed to add Susy K to your playlist. This is an absolutely wonderful and passionate performance from an artist that we’ll be keeping an ear to the ground for more of. Great stuff!