T. Lopea – Not Me

Australian artist, T. Lopea, has just released his latest single, Not Me. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to it here today at the Send Me Your Ears studio.
Not Me is a fantastic, punk style rock song, slightly reminiscent of The Cure that sends the listener off on a path of learning about setting boundaries with people and making sure we are taking care of our own mental health before those who perhaps may demand your attention louder than we’d like. We particularly loved the lyric;

It is about what we choose to put up with from others, from ourselves, and setting boundaries
“I can’t pretend any longer… that’s not me”

The line says just so much about how the vocalist is feeling and there’s some real passion in his voice as he sings it. This is clearly from the heart and a subject that he holds dear. We all struggle with boundary setting at times and T. Lopea is here to help us manage them!

Not Me is a driving guitar led song. Its super-punky and there were a couple of times it really reminded us of Squeeze – Cool For Cats.

The two guitar parts are panned nicely, giving some great separation and different things to listen to in each ear. Aside from these, there isn’t a great deal of stereo in the track, although it does develop as the song progresses.
There’s something about punk/ garage style rock that means that you really don’t expect the edges to be smoothed over and Not Me is no different in that respect. The vocals, in fact the whole track, are dry with minimal reverb and the rough edges really suit that punk style.

We love the different sections in Not Me, and it was exciting to hear the drums under the verse vocals change completely to be very tom heavy. This was a nice touch and helped maintain interest throughout the track.
We also love how some sections have distorted vocals and some are clean. This serves well to differentiate between sections and captured our interest a great deal.
There’s a great spoken word, almost rap section in the middle, which simply serves to show the versatility of this great Sydney artist, and shows that he’s not scared to break through a few genre boundaries too!
The song develops well with somg great rise and fall and all in all this really is a fantastic example of garage rock. We loved the almost stinger ending with the guitar riff happening just in the left side.
From a production perspective, there are, perhaps, a handful of really minor changes that we’d consider, but honestly, as this is a genre that is supposed to be a little raw around the edges, then any changes might potentially take some of the rough charm that Not Me possesses.

T. Lopea has managed to create a truly endearing and enjoyable track in Not Me. With a very relatable subject matter and a blast of strong punky guitars, exciting riffs, and a catchy chorus you really can’t go wrong! Great stuff, we look forward to hearing much more from this talented Australian guy!