We reviewed Montreal’s, Tatum Quinn, earlier this year with her rocking track, You Lost Me, and now she’s back with a new song – Short Supply is out today (November 10 2022).

Honestly, we were impressed with Tatum’s powerhouse vocals last time, but she’s blown us away with this track. This is a massive step up in every way (not that we didn’t love the previous track!) Everything about this track screams “hit potential” and we hope that Tatum has everything in place and has sent this track to every Canadian College Radio station that she can find.

Short Supply feels like a track that could be a contender for the Beaches who seem to be doing very well in the pop/rock genre in Canada right now. To us – Short Supply has more class to it than the Beaches, but that’s just our personal opinion.

Vocally taking a few leaves out of the book of Fergie, Pink or Gwen Stefani, Short Supply oozes confidence and attitude. It is a strong rocking song that absolutely grips you straight away.

Short Supply, with it’s fiercely blunt lyrics will have you shut the door on anyone and everyone who tries to take you for granted. It is a huge two-fingers up at anyone who doesn’t recognise your worth. We just love the grit and power that this song conveys.

The dynamics of the soundscape of this track thrilled us from start to finish. At just two and a half minutes long, Tatum has managed to create a song that says everything it needs to say in an incredibly bold and punchy track that makes you hit repeat immediately. The catchy choruses and bouncy feel to the whole track give the listener the confidence they might be looking for.

We love the hand claps and the filtered vocals that give some extra class to the song. The layered vocals give Quinn’s voice some extra punch. Kudos to the drummer too, for some superb toms work, as well as fantastic drumming all the way through.

Ending on a little giggle and the spoken line “go f*&k yourself” is a fantastic touch which might require a DJ to be a little quick on the fade out, but also tells you everything you need to know about this quality singer-songwriter: she doesn’t care what you think, and we admire her for that.

The production on this track is utterly awesome and again, a huge step up from her previous release. To our ears, a small gain reduction would allow the track to breathe a bit more and not hit the limiter so hard. A boost around 55Hz would add some extra thump to the kick drum and another boost around 150Hz would fill a slight gap there, making the overall low-end sound thicker and fuller. Also, during the choruses, it sounds a little harsh in the 1.5kHz area so a reduction there would help to level things out.

Tatum Quinn is an artist to be reckoned with. A powerhouse of a vocalist with some real versatility in her voice and her songwriting. Big things beckon.