Tatum Quinn’s new single, You Lost Me, is out today on all platforms. It’s a strong, confident, girl-power indie rock song that tells the story of a failed relationship.

Instantly drawn in by the powerful guitar riff that opens the song and the deliberate low-fi approach that blasts you the moment the full song comes in.

This song has strut! A confident “don’t mess with me” swagger that lets the listener know that whoever it was that lost her, has seriously missed out!

The various changes in the effects on the vocals keep the listener on their toes and serve the purpose of keeping you enthralled to the very end. I was reminded of Pink in many places, who uses vocal effects very well to convey her intentions.

There’s a fantastic tone in the guitar solo that just oozes attitude. Its ever so well played and well placed for the song.

Tatum is obviously a very ambitious, young woman with a lot to say. She has an exceptional voice which would stand up well against other Canadian artists of a similar genre who are garnering attention at the moment. JJ Wilde springs to mind.

My concern here, though is that whilst her voice is superb and intended to be the main focus of the song, it becomes a little lost the more instrumentation is added. Perhaps ducking the vocal would fix this.

From a mastering perspective (and obviously just my own) I’d make a fairly wide cut in the high mids to take some of the harshness out of the guitars.
I’d also make a slight boost right across lower octaves to balance out the song a bit more and bring some warmth in. This will bolster the vocals too. We want to hear more of Tatum!!

You Lost Me is the second of a trilogy of releases with subject matters along the same lines. We’re looking forward to hearing more from this power-house vocalist who deserves a bigger audience.

We give this song four ears out of five