Oslo duo, Temperature Falls are set to release their latest single, Reach, on February 25th 2022. This is a sublimely relaxing chillout, trip-hop song that we found ourselves nodding along to here at Send Me Your Ears.

The song grabs your attention immediately with some very interesting and unique instrumentation. Swirling synth sounds and atmospheric reverbs wash you away and just melt your troubles. This is the stuff of 4am parties or early morning yoga sessions!

I’m really drawn by the atmospheric soundscape that this track conjures up. It put me in mind of perhaps Portishead or Bjork.
There’s some great rise and fall throughout this track. Not enough to make you refocus if you were drifting off, but certainly enough to maintain interest throughout and keep you smiling and nodding right to the end.

The vocals are smooth and gentle. Vocalist, Camilla, makes you feel at home with well performed and well produced vocals that instil a sense of calm in the listener.

Photo credits: Ian J Ward

The cavernous reverb on the vocals work well with this track and serve to fill out the sound and give much depth to the overall track.

Extra bonus points for a really interesting ending that tails off into an instrumental section before ending on some vinyl sounding static.

I can see this track being well placed for a sync deal, a compilation album of chillout songs or a yoga/meditation playlist.

Its rare to totally impress me with production on a track, but Temperature Falls have done it! A really well produced, smoothly compressed and well mixed and mastered song. I could listen to this track over and over. Great stuff!

We give this track four ears out of five