Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to Terry Blade’s latest single, Won’t Be Around, out today (January 6, 2023) and we’re here to say “stop whatever you’re doing and please take a listen to this sublimely understated acoustic blues artist.

Won’t Be Around starts with some gorgeous picked acoustic guitar before leading into the real feature of the song – Terry’s voice. Honestly… we felt ready to drop to our knees when his voice joined the mix! This is a “real deal” vocalist with a deep and low voice reminiscent of Ry Cooder or Solomon Burke and a passion in the delivery of his higher notes that equals the likes of Jonny Lang.

The vocals are close to the mic, with perfect reverbs and the confidence and delivery in this are astounding. Terry Blade’s voice is deep and soulful. The passion and delivery is astounding. This is an uncluttered and uncontaminated vocal performance – a throwback to the days when artists would have the skills to record a song in one take.

The stereo incidental fills on piano are subtle and beautifully placed without ever dominating and the song rises and falls by simply adding or removing the bass. The guitar keeps everything together by repeating itself and occasionally adding some extra flourishes. The space in the track is used beautifully, leaving the listener in awe and waiting for the next thing to happen.

Everything about Won’t Be Around oozes quality. The songwriting is simple but effective, the performance is authentic and the mix/master leaves you in no doubt that you’re listening to a quality all-round raw talent.

Sounding like a song straight out of the Crossroads soundtrack, Terry Blade’s, Won’t Be Around, is a track that, even in early January, we can confidently say will be in our top songs of 2023. Make no mistake, this is World Class. We cannot speak highly enough. This will be on repeat at the Send Me Your Ears studio for many days to come.