Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from The Bellwethers. Of The Stars was released on April 14th, 2023.

On several occasions, we’ve previously reviewed Phoenix-based band, The Bellwethers, and have been impressed with their modern take on classic rock from the 70s.

Of The Stars has a live feeling drum stick count in leading into the style of Classic Rock that we’ve come to expect from this band who rose from the ashes of musical acts stretching back to the east coast and all the way to the west.

We love the layered vocals in Of The Stars. They produce a consistent and authentic Classic rock sound. Lead singers Fran Scianna and KD Zinevich gel well together and the harmonies and timing of the two voices create an exceptional sound.

We absolutely loved the synth work in this track. Most bands who take influences from this era would opt for a simple Hammond, but the synth sounds here add a great psychedelic touch that helps make the band sound more unique.

There are plenty of changes in rhythms for the listener to get their teeth firmly sunk into, and the catchy chorus will undoubtedly have you singing along before you know it.

The guitar solo is, as we’ve come to expect from The Bellwethers’, Bill Stimson: quality note choices and a perfect tone for this style of music. The drums are powerful and have some great fills that impressed us. The bass line is melodic, interesting, and perfectly sits in the song.

With a fast fade out, this radio-friendly length track will leave fans of Classic Rock wanting more.

Ideas from our ears

A couple of boosts at around 50Hz and 160Hz could bring up the thump of the kick drum as well and add some extra warmth to the bass. The snare top could use a couple of careful cuts at 240Hz and 560Hz to reduce some resonant peaks. A wider boost centred around 3-4kHz could fill out the overall sound, enhancing the character in that area. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

The Bellwethers are a band who are creating new music from an era that we all miss! For fans of Classic rock, blues and psychedelia.