The Breakdown – King Of The Hill

London based The Breakdown’s latest single, ‘King Of The Hill’ is a 80’s – 90s ska-punk-rock song that bursts in with a cracking drumfill and kept my head nodding throughout. This is the stuff of my youth with a modern twist.

The lead vocals put me in mind of Squeeze or Ian Dury and they sit well with the superb musicianship. I particularly liked the synth parts which add to the overall authenticity of the song.

I was very drawn in by the stereo backing vocals. The lead vocals too were very clear and every lyric is audible. There were times when the song got busier that I felt the lead vocals were just a little lost.

This is a very bright and buzzing song which works well. I felt that some balance in the top and bottom end of the frequency spectrum would improve the overall master.

There were some mid to high-mid frequencies missing. I’d suggest some attention to the lower frequencies that most speakers can’t handle would tidy up this track and make the kick drum poke through more effectively.

Overall a fun, positive, feel good track which is hard hitting and powerful. I’m looking forward to hearing how this new band develop. Thanks for the opportunity to review.

I give this track 3 ears out of 5