Yes!!! The Breakdown have reached the top of the reviews pile again, and we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio couldn’t be happier to hear what this superb London (UK) band have been up to!

We have previously reviewed their tracks, King Of The Hill, Summer Song and High Life and now they are back with their latest track, Yesterday, from their forthcoming debut album “Open The Barricades”.

This song grabbed our attention immediately with a superb excitement-building drum fill that launches straight into an 80s-feeling song with lots of typical 80s brightness in the distant and bright drums.

Some beautiful and authentic synths and strings fill the sound before the vocals come in. Everything about this track screams Duran Duran. So if you’re a fan and wish that they’d produced just one more song then this is for you! The Breakdown, however, have their own path they’re following. This is no ‘copycat’ band. The diversity in the singles that we’ve heard before shows this, and the musicianship from every member displays a band who are shaping their own destiny.

Yesterday is a positively anthemic song with some gorgeous background vocals filling out the choruses. We like the subtle use of acoustic guitar in the verses. This is a nice touch that clearly shows that the band haven’t just thought about the songwriting and performance but they’ve also thoroughly considered the arrangement of the track to deliver the absolute best to their ever-increasing fanbase.

The bassist is a skilled player – a clear and deep sound that adds melodies and not just low end to the track. There are even some charming little piano fills in this track.

To the end of the song, the guitarist is given the opportunity to shine and show his diversity with a heavily effected solo with some lovely stabs that the whole band follow. Having heard this band before, each and every musician is clearly demonstrating excellent skills and, even more importantly, diversity in their playing.

In terms of production, this is a classic early to mid-80s track with lots of brightness, synth sounds and heavily effected guitars creating a swirl of sounds. To our ears, the vocals could use a dip around 500-600Hz to reduce some slightly ‘honky’ tones. Also in the vocal track, a high mids and highs boost could add some extra clarity and presence. All in all, this is a great track with some excellent individual performances. We particularly enjoyed the way the bass line was functional but still included some brilliantly executed fast frills and melodies.

For fans of Duran Duran, The Smiths and perhaps Depeche Mode, The Breakdown are a superb act whom we believe are just getting their teeth into what is shaping up to be a very exciting career path.
We strongly urge you to pre-save their forthcoming album, Open The Barricades