We’ve been taking a listen to the debut single from the new Los Angeles band, The Daytime, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today. High Reaper is a dark sounding, slightly late 60s/ 70s feeling track that the band describe as a “cheeky take on the climate and our human condition”

High Reaper starts with some sound effects and a lovely swirling organ sound. The use of tambourine in this track is particularly effective. The low-sounding layered vocals add an ominous feel to the song, and in places, the whole track takes on a slightly Doors-like feel.

In the middle of the track, there’s a great crunchy guitar solo that takes on a slightly Tommy Castro-style vibe. The use of Hammond in the track gives a lovely authentic 60s blues feel.

All the performers in the band are at their best. We were particularly impressed with the drum fills and the way the song feels like it moves along relentlessly and punishingly towards the inevitable doom that the Reaper will bring.

The rise and fall in this track is superb and we thoroughly enjoyed the second guitar solo that fades out to the end.

We must draw attention to the video that accompanies this track. Complete with lyrics on screen, this is an ominous feeling video with lots of sinister scenes. We were especially drawn to the threatening tick-tock of the metronomes at the start, giving the impression that time is marching on regardless of our plans.

For a debut single, this is a stand-out track. It has a great deal of unique character and just enough quirkiness and psychedelia to appeal to a wide audience. We can picture this song finding a perfect TV placement in a scary movie or TV show and we’d urge the band to seek out sync opportunities.

From a production perspective, we felt that a small EQ boost around 65Hz would add some extra thump to the kick drum and a careful surgical EQ cut around 150Hz would reduce a slightly dominant tone on the top snare mic. A boost in the top octave for some extra brightness and ‘zing’ in the percussion track would sound great too. To our ears, the solo guitar is a little harsh sounding around 3-3.5kz so a small cut here would help smooth the tone of the track out a little.

An exciting debut single from a new LA band, The Daytime’s, The Reaper, will have you hitting replay over and over. For fans of The Doors, The Kinks and superb Blues-Rock guitar. We’re looking forward to hearing more.