The DePatie Melt – Paladins’ Song

It’s not often that we decide to review instrumental material but when The DePatie Melt’s latest single, Paladins’ Song, came across our desk at the Send Me Your Ears Studio we knew we were more than willing to make an exception.

Paladin’s song is a classic rock/ AOR feeling huge rock song. Written by John DePatie and recorded by himself and friends as “the DePatie Melt”. DePatie says that “When people hear the name of the song I’m often asked if I played Dungeons & Dragons as a kid. I did for a time and that was the first time that I heard the term. I thought the song sounded like a knight putting on his armor, getting ready to fight and defend. I wanted the song to be the kind of thing that someone would put on first thing in the morning to get charged for their day.”

We feel this too. This is a very majestic sounding track that would be just perfect for a soundtrack to a movie with knights or Nordic warriors do battle! We can just picture as we’re listening. The song has a real celtic feel in places. The quieter, more folky sections reminded us of gentle parts of Led Zeppelin.

This grand and solemn track starts gently on electric guitars before the bass and drums join in. Electric guitars throughout are used as the solo instrument and feature heavily throughout the track. The moments with the dual electric guitars reminded us in places of the Scorpions, with a very grand sound, whilst there’s moments in the sole guitar parts that reminded us of one or two Steve Vai techniques.

The song is just over 3 minutes long but it really does say everything it needs to say in that short space of time. The changing feelings that this track evokes as the rhythms subtly change are undeniable. Paladin’s song is a song of victory. It would not be out of place in a Lord Of The Rings style movie!

This is an expertly performed track with great scoring and lots of interest to maintain its listeners. From a production perspective we might suggest a little cut around 70Hz and 130Hz to remove just a touch of boom in those areas. A boost around 250Hz should add some extra warmth and a boost of the top octave will make that superbly played ride cymbal shimmer just a little more.

Paladin’s song is the first track we’ve heard from The DePatie Melt, but honestly, we hope it won’t be the last. This track is for fans of intelligent classic rock and is a song that will encourage even the weariest of listeners to get ready and fight for a good day. Awesome stuff!