Fans of the Black Crowes, Pearl Jam and that kind of classic sounding Indie Rock are going to love the song Move To The Sound by The Fallen Electric.

This comes straight in with a strong start that lets you know this is going to be a cracking song! The start almost reminded me of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”… just that build that explodes into a great rock song.

A very clearly strong and confident vocalist leads the way in this track. Jimmy Ganzer has some real attitude in his vocals here. I bet this guys are off the charts at a live show.

Kudos to Drew Barber on bass for some really interesting licks. No root note playing here, and some moments where I felt that the bass was carrying the whole song.
Charles Weetly on drums added in some spectacular and unexpected fills that managed to maintain my interest all the way through. A really good recording of the drums with some great presence in the kick drum.

Move To The Sound has a really catchy chorus that’s going to be in my head all day and that guitar solo (Joe Carillo) is just awesome! I was reminded of Slash or Kirk Hammet when this came in. Quality playing, superb choice of notes for the solo. This was virtuoso playing and the perfect tone to bring the song together nicely.

Photo credits : Heather Bejar

The thing that frustrated me a little about this song was that whilst I can hear that Ganzer is a great vocalist, he’s a little lost in the mix here in my opinion. I’d give the top end a boost and compress the vocals more.
I’d also look at a slight boost in the mids in the guitar, and a slight cut in the vocals in the same spot. This will make the song stronger at the times that the vocals aren’t happening and thicken the overall sound up. Perhaps you could consider adding in an acoustic strummed guitar too – this will help give the strummed guitar just a touch more clarity.

This is a spot on indie rock track that feels that it can grab its fair share of radio attention. For me, the guitar solo hit a home run and I can’t wait to hear more from this Southern California based band.

We give this song four ears out of five