Denmark based, The Forever Now, have just released their latest single, Lover’s City (feat. Trine Lyngvig), and we here at Send Me Your Ears studio have taken several listens to this calm and relaxing, almost euphoric track.

Lover’s City is a song of loss. Of parting company too soon. It brings a gentle sense of longing. Starting with some unique and interesting sound effects the song swiftly moves in to the most glorious warm layered vocals. Whilst much other instrumentation is happening, it is the vocal harmonies that are the driving force behind this track.

Various synths and pads fill the sound, but you’re constantly drawn back to the pleading vocals; “please don’t let me fade away”.

Sounding very much like Enya, the guest vocals from Trine Lyngvig add a whole new depth to the track, making this feel like a positively euphoric and anthemic film score.

We here at Send Me Your Ears feel that Lover’s City is a perfect track for a film score and would urge The Forever Now to seek out opportunities. Lover’s City feels absolutely perfect for cinematic usage. Standing at 4 minutes long, and with some gorgeous swells and rise and fall, this feels like a track that may do well on local and internet radio stations. Perhaps not a commercial radio hit as such, but most definitely one which will appeal to fans of Enya, Clannad, Vangellis and perhaps Mike Oldfield.

From a production perspective, there is a lot of unnecessary rumble in the sub bass area so a hi-pass filter set around 35Hz would help to create some clarity in the low end. We feel the track could benefit from a boost in the high mids centred around 5kHz to add to the presence and definition in the soft, breathy vocals and synth pads.

Definitely a warm and heartfelt performance from The Forever Now featuring Trine Lyngvig, Lover’s City is an inviting and intoxicating performance that shows just how much can be done with minimal instrumentation and two excellent vocalists.