Irish 6 piece alt rock band, The Frisky Gypsys, have just released their latest single, Love Is Blind, and we’ve had the chance to take a listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Love is Blind is a song about toxic love. It is a song about how love can be your best friend and worst enemy all at the same time. Written by lead singer Steven Hamilton, Love Is Blind is an upbeat and energetic alt rock track.

We love when you can hear the artist’s original accent in a song, and there’s a definite Irish twang throughout the vocals in Love Is Blind. Hamilton shows some great technique in his vocals throughout this track. We were particularly impressed with the line “right on time” – some very good use of belt at this point.

There’s some lovely harmony spots in Love Is Blind as well. Used sparingly so as not to take focus away from the lead, but filling the overall sound very nicely in just the right places.

We like the stops in Love Is Blind and the number of different sections that the song has. It has a certain quirkiness about it which is very endearing. In places, the vocals had a touch of Pet Shop Boys to them and in general, the whole song felt just a touch late 80s/ early 90s.

From a production perspective, a boost around 100Hz would add some thump to the kick drum and fill out the low end. A small cut around 5kHz would remove some harsh tones coming from the snare wires which give the snare a little too much character. A single band compressor with some make up gain working on the bottom 3 octaves would bring the overall low end up a little without making it too dominant. Finally, a light compressor on the whole track with some make up gain would add a little more warmth and volume.

Love Is Blind is a fun and upbeat take on a subject that needs to be written about more. The Frisky Gypsys (great name!) are a band that we think are probably a great deal of fun to watch live. Look out for the tour dates, and their forthcoming EP, Window To The World, due out in August this year.