The Gold Supply – Something Like You

The Gold Supply describe themselves as “science-fiction, space-zombie-in-a-coma, Nordic-noir”. Now if that doesn’t get you intrigued then we don’t know what will!
Their latest single, Something Like You, was in our ears here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Something Like You forces the listener to ask if they like themselves. If they are happy with who they are and whether, given the choice, they would choose themselves as friends. Deep stuff! This is music to make you just a little uncomfortable and question your beliefs. Something Like You is more like a wall of sound for your inner consciousness than a song.

With the repeated like “something like you”, this is a song that perhaps you might listen to late into the night at the end of an evening of partying. It feels like a chill out track. Almost a track to sit and listen to when the world ends and makes you rethink your priorities. It feels almost menacing, as if the end of the world is imminent and you may as well just sit and chill out while it happens!

The song has lots of backing vocals together with the repeated title. We struggled to make out too many of the lyrics as the vocals are quite low in the mix but honestly, that didn’t seem to matter, its the overall atmosphere of the sound that is important here, not the individual components.

Both the piano incidentals and the guitar solo are also repeated lines. If this were any other style of music it wouldn’t work, but there’s something about The Gold Supply that makes it work. This is almost like trance music, and that repetition feels comfortable and welcoming.

The song starts with a kind of electro 80s style that feels almost like Kraftwerk, but it really develops into something quite unique.
Our thoughts on production would be that we noticed an almost 10dB difference between the volume of the frequencies in the low end to the top end. We’d suggest a shelf at around 250Hz taking out 10dB below and some make up gain to bring the overall volume back in. It feels as though the boomy and muddy frequencies are dominating. However, perhaps the lack of clarity in the top end is intentional and helps to add to the unworldly experience that The Gold Supply are going for.

Something Like You is a very unique track with some very funky style drums and a creative flow that just washes over you.

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