the great inferno – stone, blood and whispers

Italian band, The Great Inferno, have a new single out, Stone, Blood And Whispers, and we’ve been taking a very long and detailed listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Stone, Blood And Whispers is described as “The silence between two lovers as a white flag.” The whole song feels like a poem that has been set to music. In a kind of Tom Waits/ Nick Cave feel, perhaps. There are moments where the style and instrumentation feels a little like The Doors too.

The lead vocals gorgeous baritone is the main focus of the song. Drenched in reverbs and backed up by several layered vocals, the lead line is dark and just a touch foreboding. This feels to us like a song which would work well in a background scene in a dark movie.

We like the use of EQ filtering at the start and finish of the track. With the stereo click of the fingers, this makes the full spectrum sound hit you just a little more when it comes in at around 30 seconds in.

With Doors influences, this song has quite a retro 60s/70s feel to it, whilst also having some modern production techniques thrown in. The song feels almost hypnotic in its melancholy outlook and as the guitar strums and snare push the song forward, the vocals add a certain sadness.

From a production perspective, we feel that it may be an idea to increase the pre-delay on the vocals a little. We noticed that you’re hearing the reverb as much and as quickly as the vocal itself which makes them just a little unclear in places. We’d also suggest a little notch out in the snare track at around 3kHz as we felt it was just a touch too far forward in the mix.

Written, recorded and produced by Blodio Le KlubHaus – Members Only Club
Mastered by Daniele Salodini Woodpecker Mastering
Photo by Daniele Di Chiara Photographer
Cover Art by Federica Vulpis

Stone Blood and Whispers is a gentle, nostalgic soft rock style track which takes the listener on a journey and will stick with you for a long time to come. Great stuff!