Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to The Lowtones latest single, Radio, due for release today January 16, 2023.

The Lowtones are Oliver ‘Mav’ Mavilio – Vocals Jack Abbott – Guitar Tim Cary – Guitar George Abbott – Drums and hail from Norwich, UK.

‘Radio’ hits you hard immediately. There’s no gentle lead-in, the song hits you with the full band sound straight away, grabs your attention and runs away with it.

Radio has a definite 80s feel to it in places – a pop/rock new wave feel slightly reminiscent of The Smiths. Listening all the way through, it feels like what might emerge if Franz Ferdinand teamed up with OMD.

The full-sounding intro is anthemic and full of life, with guitars and guitar solos taking you on a journey you know you’re going to enjoy.

Vocally sounding a little like Robert Smith, the first verse vocals set the scene with a punky, attitude-laden strut and a melody which, for the most part, sticks on one note and encourages the listener to pay attention to the lyrics “never-ending sorrow, catching tears as they descend”. Remaining true to their ethos of writing songs about the hardships of modern life and love.

There are some superb drum fills in the track. We love the very present kick drum and the offbeat hi-hat works extremely well. The breakdown section with a build on 16-beat snare is exhilarating.

Harmonies and layered vocals join the lead vocal in the chorus. They sit well in the mix and give an almost crowd-like sound. A superb way to draw attention to the chorus and make it even catchier. The stereo in the backing vocals is also excellent.

Ideas from our ears

A surgical cut at 175Hz would reduce a peaking tone coming from the top snare mic. A couple of cuts in the mids at 500Hz and again at 800Hz would reduce some overall ‘honky’ and ‘nasal’ tones too. A wider boost centred around 10kHz would increase the brightness and presence in the track. Any resulting peaks in the top end could be controlled with a single-band compressor and a little extra make-up gain. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

The Lowtones were a new name to us here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, but their latest single, Radio, has seriously piqued our interest. Catchy rhythms, superb musicianship and great writing with a nostalgic new-wave vibe. Great stuff.