the lunar keys – maniac

Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Guildford (UK) band, The Lunar Keys. Their latest single, Maniac, was released on November 25, 2022, and we’re here to strongly urge you to take a listen.

The Lunar Keys guitarist, affectionately known as “The Steve” is currently recovering from an important operation at The Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford, the band’s hometown. In recognition of the support he, and so many other patients, received in hospital, the Lunar Keys pledge to donate £1 for each of the first 250 reviews or airplays that MANIAC receives to the nurses at The Royal Surrey Hospital. So let’s help get this fantastic single out there!

Maniac starts with some cool electric guitar strums, slightly reminiscent of London Calling by The Clash. Bass and drums join the mix and the vocals and clear and present in the mix when they come in. The lead vocal has just a touch of gravel and passion in their tone, making them an instantly captivating listen.

We love the rise and fall in the track and the way that the different sections of the song all tie together perfectly, each adding interest for the listener. This is a song that absolutely gripped us all from start to finish. The addition of a 16-beat hi-hat in the choruses is a great touch and helps build extra excitement, signalling to the listener that, if they fancied singing along, here’s the right spot!

The four-on-the-floor breakdown that leads into a guitar solo is another great touch which really created some tension and excitement before exploding into a superb fuzz effect solo.

There are times during this track, both in the vocal harmonies and the general feel, that we were reminded of the Scorpions. This is classy indie rock with a triumphant and grand sound.

From a production perspective, a boost around 150Hz would add some extra thickness to the low end. A small cut around 500-600Hz in the vocal track would reduce the occasional slightly ‘honky’ tone. To our ears, the intro guitar could use a small cut around 3kHz to lower a bit of harshness in the sound. A boost across the top two octaves would add some extra brightness and clarity overall. A light compressor/limiter and maybe 3dB of make up gain for some extra overall warmth and punch as well as to bring the volume up to match that of similar releases.

One of our favourites this week, The Lunar Keys, Maniac, is an expertly written and performed track which has all the elements of a hit rock song. We’re very much looking forward to hearing more from this talented South East England band.