We’ve been listening to the latest single from The Macarons Project here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today. The song, Never Be Enough, is the latest release from this Indonesian brother/sister duo based in Victoria BC (Canada).

Never Be Enough is a gentle folk song about the awkward stages of young love, when the heart is naive, fragile, and easily manipulated.

Never Be Enough starts gently with kick drum and some lovely picked acoustic guitar playing from brother, Dito. We picked out a little piano in the background as well that helped fill the sound.

When the vocals come in, they are provided by sister, Ree, whose voice is current sounding with lots of breathiness and smoothness. There’s a real warmth to her voice and it is inviting and endearing to listen to.

As the song progresses, more instrumentation is added. Some glorious celtic feeling background instrumentation, together with a shaker that comes in at around 2 minutes 20 help to continue the build throughout the track and helps balance the top end. We even think we caught some low male vocals towards the end of the track that helped the track to rise just a touch more.

Never Be Enough feels like a track that would sit best as a background track for a TV montage or movie and we would strongly urge The Macarons Project to seek out licensing opportunities.

From a production perspective, in our opinion, there is a slight imbalance between the low end and high end of the frequency spectrum in this track. The acoustic guitar is resonating on the note G so a surgical cut at 196Hz would reduce this dominating tone.The lead vocal track is a little dominant around 300Hz which can result in the occasional ‘muddy’ sound. In order to balance out the track, a small but wide boost across the high mids and highs centred around 7kHz would work perfectly. It would also bring out the breathy and soft qualities in the vocal.

Never Be Enough from the duo, The Macarons Project, is a calm, simple acoustic folk track that melts away the worries of the day and draws you into a peaceful place to relax.

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