Send Me Your Ears favourites, The Mars McClanes, are in our ears today again with their latest single, The Liar. Previously we’ve reviewed their tracks Day Is Done and Broke Kid. In The Liar we have been treated to a masterful demonstration of this band’s versatility and creativity.

Co-writer, Brian Corley says “I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun working on a song”. It shows! We’ve loved everything this talented Portland band have sent our way so far, but this track might just be our favourite.

The Liar is about that guy at every party that dazzles the easily led with tall tales. Dropping famous names, hinting at wealthy, connected relatives—he’s the reason for our partner’s trust issues. You hate him, but not as much as he hates himself. Lyrically, this is a really really clever track. “I’m not a liar, I just require your attention.”

The wit and humour that has gone into these lyrics is evident and we smiled all the way through.

“My grandma once chopped a man in half with a thirty dollar bill and a baseball bat”

The Liar starts with an awesome Folsom Prison Blues style riff on the electric guitar and straight into a super catchy train rhythm on the snare. The chorus is catchy as hell and we love how they have a real change of pace without losing any energy.

Vocally very strong and powerful, there’s a great delay on the lead vocals with some superb and subtle harmonies in the choruses.

There’s some fantastic separation between sections in this song. Superb guitar solos that just seem to build and build and build until we thought we might fall off our chairs! The whole alt-country/ Red Dirt feel to the track feels truly authentic.

The stop straight after the second guitar solo that moves into a single acoustic strum and the lyric “I’m a billionaire” had us laughing out loud. What a fantastic way to end a song about such a character.

From a production perspective, we felt that the vocal track sounds like it is resonating occasionally in a couple of places. Once around 190Hz and again around 530Hz. It doesn’t detract from the song but maybe something worth looking at. To our ears, there is a slightly honky / tinny area around 1.5kHz which could use a slight drop. Finally, a boost centred around 8kHz for some extra brightness and clarity. As always, these are just some ideas. The song certainly doesn’t need anything. We loved it as we always do with this artist!

The Mars McClanes have hit it out of the park with their latest single, The Liar. A band following their own true path and creating authentic music that is instantly recognisable as the ever-progressing Mars McClanes. Get this track on your playlist now!