The Parlophonics – Heaven Can Wait

The Parlophonics are set to release their latest single, Heaven Can Wait, and we’ve been taking quite a few listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today. Heaven Can Wait is a Indie/Soft Rock song that sways along and had us all nodding in appreciation.

Vocally sounding a little like Chris Isaak in places, lead vocalist, Hugh MacDonald effortlessly leads the way in this multi-country ensemble. Hailing from the UK, Germany and the US, The Parlophonics have created a glorious mix of genres in this, their latest single.

Heaven Can Wait has a kind of Country feel to the rhythm and bass but a more intelligent, almost jazz-like chord sequence. There’s some nice switches from major to minor throughout the song.

At times we were reminded of Travis and late 90s styles, but also there was perhaps a hint of The Eagles in the style of writing.

The lead vocalist in this track fit absolutely perfectly. Every line is crystal clear and at no point are they dominated by other instruments. Hugh’s voice shines through and really takes centre stage with gusto. Harmony layered vocals fill the choruses and bolster Hugh’s voice fantastically. This is a really pleasant listen.

We love the two guitars panned left and right in the solo section. A nice, simple solo, but with a great tone to both guitars and some well chosen note choices.

We’re always suckers for some brushes on the drums, and we were particularly enamoured with the drums on this track. Nothing complicated, but perfectly moving the song along and keeping our interest.

Our thoughts on production;

This track has been extremely well mixed. The vocals sit perfectly, and every instrument is given space. From our own perspective on mastering, we feel that the track is a little heavy in the bass frequencies. We’d suggest a high pass at 35Hz to remove any rumble that most speakers can’t handle. A shelf reduction as high as 100Hz, together with an additional reduction around 60Hz. A boost around 120Hz will balance out the low end. We’d suggest boosting as much as the top 5 octaves, especially around 1500-2000Hz just to even out the frequencies and bring the bass under control.

We really love this track from the Parlophonics. Heaven Can Wait is an smooth, enjoyable ride that we thoroughly enjoyed listening to today. A real quality genre crossing song, flooded with nostalgia that already feels timeless. For a band that have apparently never been in the same room as each other, this track is absolutely outstanding.