THE PASSING SAGES – Crisis On The Dancefloor

Scottish band, The Passing Sages are set to release their new song, Crisis on the Dancefloor on February 18 2022 and we were lucky enough to be offered a quick pre-listen.
For fans of commercial pop with attitude, go follow this fun 6 piece on Spotify now so you’ll hear Crisis on the Dancefloor the moment its released.

This is a confident, positive track that oozes confidence. I love how tongue in cheek the lyrics are. The lyricist cites a kind of Orwellian dystopia as their inspiration behind this track. A kind “why won’t the audiences just have fun and get up and dance?” Hey – I’ve been at gigs in the UK – I hear you!!!

Photo credits: Matt Robertson

This self-assured song bursts in and develops quickly as instruments are added. The lead vocal is in a very current style without any unpleasant autotune (hence why we were happy to review it!). It adheres strongly to that modern style of having the verses being stripped down and almost monotone (not in a bad way – just the melody sticking on one note).

Have a listen to Toronto based band, the Beaches, who are making quite a name for themselves in Canada with a similar kind of energy.

Harmony vocals come and go throughout to add interest and that chorus is super-catchy. I’ll be humming that for days – probably while I dance around the kitchen!! 😉

This is a supremely well mastered track with a great representation of frequencies across the range. My only suggestion would be to add a little more stereo to the backing vocals to make the whole track seem even “bigger” .

This feels to me to have all the potential of being a club classic. It’s absolutely on point for this genre of music and I’m very excited to hear more from The Passing Sages and am very grateful for the opportunity for a pre-listen.

We give this track four ears out of five