From one second in of this song, our team all looked at each other, nodded, and said it was a five out of five! Straight in with some high quality vocals and “real” instruments!!. We love it!

To be released on February 25 (so check back here, or follow the band’s social media – we promise it’ll be worth your while)

I have to compliment the lead vocalist here. Irene, your voice just oozes class and confidence. In the low notes, I hear moments of Edie Brickell. The control in the headvoice is astounding and there were moments when the lead vocals just had a touch of belt that could have fooled me into thinking Eva Cassidy was in the room. Perhaps a hint of Civil Wars, too.

Lyrically, really interesting. The line “I’ve been this sad since I was two years old – I got it from my mother” paints such a huge picture with so little words. Superb!

This is a radio friendly length song that I can see soaring through the college radio charts – its plenty commercial radio friendly too, but a harder market for an independent artist.

The slide guitar is simply sublime. Oh so subtle! Perfectly placed, perfectly timed and perfectly simple. It says all it needs to say. When the arpeggiated guitar comes in too, you realise that somehow, The Prickly Pair, have managed to cover the entire frequency spectrum with just a handful of instruments.

There’s some great rise and fall throughout this track, together with the occasional slightly unexpected chord change – Americana is usually slightly more predictable, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons that this song stands head and shoulders above.

I’d suggest a little more compression on the vocal track. Some of the lower notes are just a little lost in the overall mix, but in all honestly, that’s all I’d change. This was an absolutely pleasure to listen to.

This is a confident, attention-grabbing 6/8 song that I’m going to be humming for days.

Obviously 5 ears out of 5. Obviously! More please!