The Qwarks – You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)

OK… so where exactly do you start reviewing a song that starts you off grinning, and by the end has you in hysterics?
The Qwarks latest song, You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends), is a masterclass in not taking yourself too seriously as an artist.
This is quite possibly the most fun and quirky track that we’ve ever had here at Send Me Your Ears and we are very grateful for the temporary respite from serious, gut wrenching songs that pull far too hard on our heart strings.
The lyrics are witty. The spoken word sections are uproarious and the whole feel of this song is just “hey guys – we’re having fun”. The repeated “please stop scrolling” and “just check our page” is a real testament to the amount of non-music work that a self managed musician has to put in. Content, content, content!. Its relentless and The Qwarks have really managed to encapsulate this desperate search for recognition perfectly.
This is a seriously self-deprecating parody song with all tongues placed very firmly in cheeks. I just love the energy and relief that this song provides.

Reminded in places of Madness and Reel Big Fish, it also felt at times that these guys were children of the late 80s and perhaps listened to The Firm once too often! It also made me think of Primus – Winona’s Big Brown Beaver.
Honestly, if this song wasn’t meant as a joke song then The Qwarks have my unending apologies, but I’m gonna go ahead and guess by the publicity shots that The Qwarks are just a bunch of guys on a mission for themselves, and their all important fans to have one hell of a good time.

Production wise I’d consider a slight dip in the 8-9kHz area to take just a little dominant sibilance out of the track, but this really isn’t a song that requires perfect production. It is what it is.

I love it. The Qwarks have made our day here in the studio and we’re just itching to hear what on earth they come up with next. Quirky, mind-bendingly fun genius.