The Ramble – Partners in Crime

OK, so … .wow. We sat down this morning to review The Ramble’s latest single, Partners in Crime, and we were not quite ready for the onslaught of awesomeness that hit us!
From the moment this song starts you know you’re in for one hell of a ride. Partners in Crime is a fantastic rock song.

After two seconds, it was very clear we were in the presence of something really quite special.

The song starts strongly and sits comfortably in our ears. With an obvious nod to Bon Jovi, but without sounding like a copycat band, The Ramble have some hints of Whitesnake in their heyday as well.
The vocalist is just jaw-droppingly talented – a perfect rock voice with some excellent belt technique in places and a strong and confident strut throughout the song. The backing vocals in the pre-chorus and chorus fit spectacularly.
The guitarist has an authentic Richie Sambora tone and style, but still makes the song his own. There’s some superb rise and fall throughout the track, and the use of keys in places really helps fill out the sound. The build on the snare which then leads to a fade out is of particular quality.

Those of you who’ve read some of our other reviews will know that we usually have some pointers for improving on production. Not in this case. We cannot fault the production in any way.

This is a beautifully blended mix with great use of stereo. You can hear each individual instrument clearly, and the overall sound is a thick and full blend. Partners in Crime is bright with plenty of presence and brightness as well as being nice and thumpy in the low end without any rumbling or dominating frequencies. The snare is smacky without being dominant and the track just has so much life to it. We’d give this song 6 out of 5 if we had to score it!!

We’re so impressed with this track that we’d recommend it as a reference track to any rock musicians out there looking for ideas. Its not just the production though, its the musicianship, the writing and scoring that make this song WORLD CLASS.

Without a shadow of a doubt, The Ramble’s Partners in Crime is in our top ten reviews of all time. These guys are destined to have one hell of a career. Partners in Crime is a highly commercial rock song and we would urge the artist to seriously look at pitching this song to some major radio stations.