The Rapports – Alive

Brighton, Uk, based band, The Rapports, have just released their second single, Alive, from their forthcoming debut album. We here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have been taking a long listen today.

Alive is a blast of Indie Britpop fun. For lovers of upbeat 90s and 2000s music, this is sure to tick a few boxes.

Alive comes straight in with vocals and electric guitar. A bouncy and fun attitude is evident immediately, and The Rapports leave you in no doubt that they love what they do.

From their pitch;

“Alive” is a shimmering upbeat track just in time for summer. Sizzling with optimism and shining bright this uplifting indie banger is about feeling alive, being in love, and being in love with the world. Burning with positivity it’s time to whack on that suntan lotion, drive to the beach with this super catchy track turned up as loud as it will go. Bring on the summer!

Some great layered vocals fill out the chorus, and some nicely panned guitars in the break down all add to the interest in this song. This is a catchy and memorable summer anthem.

From their press release, the band are signed to a French label (Noa Music) and seem to be focussing their attention on the French market. An interesting choice for a Britpop band, but they do seem to be very focussed and driven. The confidence in themselves as an act is evident and it’s a positive but rare commodity for a band to be so sure of their direction.

It’s nice to hear in the vocals that the band have stuck to a 90s feel in the production. The vocals are raw and refreshing. There’s no modern tuning or effects here. The melody feels comfortable and familiar and forces you to focus on the lyrics.

The guitar solo is simple but effective. To us, the important part of this song is the positivity of the vocals, so a busier or longer guitar solo would detract from the message of the song.

There’s some great use of panned (right) swing tambourine in places that fills out the sound and adds interest.

There’s a slightly experimental feel to the ending of this song. It sort of stops, hangs fire for a few seconds and then stops again. Unusual but certainly interesting.

Alive is a catchy, well written song with a touch of punkiness and attitude. Each member of the band sounds to be having a lot of fun, and we imagine The Rapports are a fun band to see live and we expect them to garner some significant interest in their home town of Brighton. This is just the right style of music for the Brighton indie scene.

For our own ears, we’d suggest a boost at 50Hz to give the kick drum more punch. There’s also a great deal of info in the sub 40Hz range that most speakers can’t handle so we’d suggest hi-passing this. A boost around 300-350Hz will give some extra fullness in that area and a cut in the mids around 900-1000Hz will alleviate a little honkiness in the track. A boost of the top 3 octaves, especially around 4kHz will add some extra presence and brightness. Finally, we’d suggest a compressor to give some extra gain to the track to bring it more into line with commercial releases.

Alive is just the summer Britpop track we all need. A fun and bouncy blast of positivity that hits you from the second it starts and the listener can’t help but be swept along by this promising Brighton based four piece.