Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Nashville-based band, The Reveal. Shadows Dancin’ was released on the 11th February 2023 and if you’re looking for some stunning Outlaw Country crossover, we urge you to take a listen to this track.

The Reveal are Hosh Norfleet (guitar), Tristen Norfleet (mandolin), Brother Dusty (vocals and bass), Ian Fleming (drums) and together they’ve somehow managed to create an exhilarating combination of bluegrass and hip hop. Yes… you heard that right!

Shadows Dancin’ starts with a super-cool stereo delay effect on bass that’s then joined by some hi-pass vocals with distant reverbs. The lead vocals are perfect for this style of bluegrass/old-timey outlaw country feel that the song creates at the start. Perhaps some Devil Makes Three influences here?

The long intro works superbly and you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat just knowing that something exciting is about to happen. It’s a beautiful slow-burn start that really pays off.

Layered vocals, with an almost demonic-like 2-octave filter effect, set the scene and there’s a definite touch of Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

When the song bursts into the full band sound, you’re in for a treat. Picked banjo and some mandolin solos to die for. The tremolo picking in the mandolin solo, together with the impossibly fast licks will put a huge grin on the sourest of faces.

The rise and fall in this track is absolutely superb and the band’s ability to create and release tension is awe-inspiring. We just loved the builds in the dynamic soundscape here.

One thing that truly won us over about this song was the different sections within it. There’s a hip-hop electronic drums section which somehow doesn’t feel out of place, together with a fun ska-like offbeat guitar section. This track has everything.

Ideas from our ears

A hi-pass filter at 40Hz would control some of the low-droning bass sounds as well as removing all sub-bass rumble. A boost around 50Hz would increase the ‘thump’ in the kick drum too. The mandolin may benefit from a small cut in the 250-400Hz range. A small but wide boost in the high mids and highs centred around 8kHz would add to the brightness and presence with maybe even an additional high shelf boost at 12kHz. Finally a light compressor/limiter and some make-up gain for a touch of extra warmth and volume. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Easily one of the most enjoyable and exciting tracks we’ve had in our ears recently. The Reveal’s latest single, Shadows Dancin’ is an astounding display of musicianship and versatility. Highly recommended.