THE ROUTINE – Tell Me Is This Something (You Want To Do?)

Cambridge (UK) based four piece, The Routine, have a new single out, Tell Me Is This Something (You Want To Do?), and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying it on repeat here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

This is a perfect length, radio friendly track with a great deal of positive energy and commercial appeal. With a stinger ending, this track could also be considered for a sync deal. Perhaps something for the band to look into if they haven’t already.

Tell Me Is This Something starts strongly with stereo guitars and before you’re even just a few seconds in, it already feels catchy. The drums, and particularly bass and guitar are extremely tight. These guys are clearly well rehearsed. This level of tightness isn’t something you can achieve convincingly through endless editing in the mix afterwards – this is a quality, tight act.

The vocalist reminded us in places of blues singer, Jonny Lang, but at other times perhaps Gavin Rossdale (Bush). There’s definitely a predominantly 90s grunge Janes Addiction/Alice in Chains feel, coupled with a few Terrorvision moments thrown in for good measure.

Some superb harmonies in the chorus, and the change of pace in the chorus as well, make it a very memorable one. By the second time around you will definitely be singing along.

At one point in the track, there’s a great break down with fuzz bass/guitar and drums with a spectacular build on the drums into a change of tempo instrumental section. We also particularly like the bass fills between the vocal lines. There’s something throughout the song to maintain the listener’s interest.

From a production perspective, perhaps a little more compression on the vocal track could make it pop even more. We’d also suggest a boost around 100-150Hz to help the bass come through more (we loved those riffs!). Consider trying a big wide boost centred around 8kHz for more brightness and definition and a large boost of the top octave to give some more air to the drums and really help that great cymbal work shine through more.
We notice that the guitars are very “mid scooped” which is great for leaving space for the fantastic and clear vocals, but when the vocalist isn’t singing, the track just loses a little energy. Maybe consider just a little more mids in the guitars or perhaps adding another instrument to fill the space.

The Routine’s new track, Tell Me Is This Something (You Want To Do?), is one of the most catchy and enjoyable songs we’ve heard at the Send Me Your Ears studio this week and we’re looking forward to watching this talented and ambitious rock band soar.