Utah (US) based act, The Starkillers, have just released their latest single, Are You Thinking Of Me, and we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have been thoroughly enjoying several listens today.

Are You Thinking Of Me is written about someone in a relationship, coming to the realisation that it isn’t what they want or need it to be; that the relationship is one sided and might always be if they stay with that person. This track is the title track from their forthcoming album which, as a whole, explores the behaviours and cycles of toxic relationships. The song is emotional and powerful and we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

There’s a beautiful tone on the guitars at the start which is then back up with some lovely deep drums. Some vocal “Oohs” join the sound and you can feel that this is going to be a real banger!

As the lead vocals come in, the song drops right back to drums, bass and some very low lead vocals, provided by frontman Jon Omen. There’s some incidental guitar between his vocals that sit nicely in the mix.

As the chorus comes in, the vocals really start to come to life. They’re higher, rockier and more passionate and powerful.

We like how the vocal “oohs” (for want of a better way of describing them!) keep coming back to mark the different sections of the song. They feel anthemic and almost have a stadium rock feel to them. We could feel a huge crowd really singing along here.

The rise and fall in this track is simply superb. The dynamic sections let the listener know exactly where they are in the song, and there is an absolutely fantastic build at around 2m30s with some glorious drumming and some powerful wailing guitars over the top. This is the song’s “hell yes” moment!

With a Killers/ Foo Fighters feel to the whole track, this song has huge hit potential and we’re excited for this tight band whose debut show is set to happen at The DLC in Quarters Arcade Bar in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah on September 22, 2022. Be there if you can!

From a production perspective, we felt that there are places where the bass is a little dominant – around 75Hz, so a small EQ cut here would balance things out a little. A high shelf boost set at around 7kHz would give some extra clarity to the drums, particularly the snare wires, the ride and hi-hats as well as to the lead vocal. To our ears, the track could use a little more stereo as well. Finally, a few extra dBs to bring the volume in line with other similar releases. A light compressor / limiter and around 3dB of make up gain should do the trick.

The Starkillers – Are You Thinking Of Me is an absolutely cracking rock song that lovers of Foo Fighters and Killers will adore. This band are on a mission and we’re following closely. We think you should too!